Crushing it

TOTALLY great party last night (if your idea of a totally great party is watching your crush crushing on somebody else).

Seth completely ignored me all night because he was busy flirting with this new girl he’s been hanging out with lately, Chelsea, who is annoying and shrill and tiresome in basically every possible way that a person can be tiresome. She’s thin and pretty though, and I guess that’s all it takes.

(Do I sound bitter? Do I? That would make sense, since I am.)

Ok, FINE, so maybe she’s majoring in international finance and MAYBE she had a FEW interesting things to say about the current political climate, but other than THAT, she was extremely tiresome. Suffice to say I’m not joining her fan club anytime soon. (Even if I did high five her over her comments about Trump.)

Seth thought she was brilliant, clearly.  He was using both his I’m-laughing-mostly-because-I-think-you’re-hot laugh and his you-are-legitimately-hilarious laugh. It was painful to watch.

Not that I was watching. Because I wasn’t. I was very busy having a life and talking to other people, including the two guys Chelsea brought with her – Jordan, her dumb as rocks cousin, and Eric, her younger brother, who looked and talked like a surfer but who I seriously doubt has ever actually seen the ocean.

(Having a life is seriously overrated.)