We hung out last night

He didn’t have a date, and I didn’t have a date (big surprise) and nobody in our group had plans to hang out, so the two of us walked around and around my neighborhood, talking and laughing and talking. For five hours. FIVE.

(I’m really doing well at this whole creating separation thing, aren’t I?)

It’s not my fault though – it’s his. He’s completely impossible to resist – funny, and kind, and smart, and awesome.

He’s steady too – the kind of guy you call when you need a sofa moved, or you have a flat tire and forgot your jack, or get locked out of your house at 2 in the morning.

The thing is, if you walked into a party, you wouldn’t pick him out as the cutest guy there. It’s only after you know him for a while that you fall in love with him. Half the girls I know are or have been in love with him at one time or another. Eventually they all give up though, because clearly he’s not ready to be serious with anyone.

That’s not to say that he isn’t cute. He is. He’s tallish and lean but muscular, and he’s got kind of wavy light brown hair and those inquisitive hazel eyes that slay me, I’m not even kidding.

The thing is.

I love him.

It’s not a crush.